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  • As of 2018, new FAA regulation require all FAA Part 107 certified drone operators to renew their license every 2 years by passing a recertification exam. However, you will find the Official FAA Part 107 Recurrent Knowledge Exam to be different from the original exam you previously passed.

  • Having previously passed the initial Part 107 exam will be helpful in the renewal exam, but, it will not be enough.

What To Expect:

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The Official FAA Part 107 Recurrent Knowledge Exam has elements you will find to be very different from the initial Part 107 exam. Without proper studying, it could affect your success in passing the exam.

Our custom FAA Part 107 Recurrent course curriculum covers everything you need to prepare and pass the Official Exam.

Designed by Drone Industry Experts that understand how to teach the information you need in an easy-to-understand manner. After completing this course you will have the confidence to take the Official FAA Part 107 Recurrent Exam!

Minimize Time – We guide you on what and how to study within the least amount of time.

Easy To Understand – Our curriculum and aeronautical material has been designed into an easy-to-understand platform.

Only What You Need – As a re-certification test, we understand you already have the basic knowledge of the FAA Part 107 certification. What you need is information focused directly on passing the FAA Part 107 renewal test. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

Instructors – Real expert instructors are available to answer questions via email and phone.

Videos – Our video lesson is designed for optimal studying and understanding.

Practice Test – We provide a comprehensive FAA Part 107 Recurrent Knowledge Practice Exam.


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    Our course is designed by industry experts that understand how to make the curriculum easy-to-understand.

Do I Need A Part 107 Renewal Certification?

If it has been 2 years since your Part 107 Certification and you are planning to continue operating a drone commercially, then the answer is Yes. It is mandated by the FAA that all FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots renew their certification every 2 years by passing the FAA Part 107 Re-certification Exam.


FAA Part-107 Renewal!
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